Trippin Billies

Trippin Billies Dave Matthews Band Tribute  Fri, Sept 6, 2024 @ 8:30PM

Born in the pubs on the north side of Chicago, Trippin’ Billies took to the “stages” of small rooms in the mid-nineties as an acoustic duo. It wasn’t long before lines grew too long for the small bars and calls started coming in from around the midwest. As a result, the band was forced to rise to the occasion, and for over twenty years… they’ve done just that.

Trippin’ Billies is comprised of some of Chicago’s absolute best musicians. They go far above-and-beyond the call of the average tribute band. Each band member’s love and respect for DMB, their impact, and for high-energy performance has moved them above the “bar band” circuit and into full-blown concert settings. Whether it’s a club in Iowa City, a hockey arena in North Dakota or a summer festival in Rochester, New York or Lincoln, Nebraska, this band puts on a show that even a casual or non-fan of DMB can revel in.

The TBS tour schedule has come to resemble that of the Dave Matthews Band before their ascension to arena tours. Midsize venues sell out consistently across the country and the famous theatres whose names were once inked on the cover of DMB bootlegs listened to by the band now comprise the tour schedule of Trippin’ Billies. The theatres they once approached with awe have now come to feel like home.

Talent buyers need only contact the agent and request Pollstar box office summaries to see the drawing power of Trippin’ Billies. Many DMB tributes have come and gone, but none have become such a permanent facet of the Dave Matthews Band movement, and for that TB is extremely grateful. The idea was to amass the six best musicians and create a concert atmosphere that leaves people with dropped jaws, eagerly awaiting the next appearance. They feel they have done just that. Over the 25+ years as a band, Trippin’ Billies has continued to evolve in order to perform at the highest level as musicians and for the fans. Crowds keep growing and calls from all over the U.S. come in hoping to hear TB at a venue near them soon.

Trippin’ Bllies is grateful to the fans, intuitive agents and to Dave himself for helping to draw attention to their efforts in national publications. Hopefully they’ll see you out on the road.